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What you need to know: Combined Writs of Possession and Control – recovering historical rent arrears.

September 15, 2021
A famous restaurant in London has recently made the headlines due to a landmark case brought against this London establishment by the building’s ow…

Trespassers are illegal, not just a pain

August 23, 2021
Trespassing is not just a pain, it is illegal. However, understanding the difference and how you manage a trespasser is critical to protecting your…

Demand for street-patrols is back on the rise – what you need to know!

August 19, 2021
Over the course of COVID-19 lockdowns, cities and councils across the UK and continent saw a decreasing number of rough sleepers on the street. Thi…

Tough Mudder at Belvoir Castle 14/15 August 2021

August 13, 2021
And so, the juggernaut that is Tough Mudder, moves on this weekend for the greatly anticipated Midlands leg of the UK 2021 series; located amongst …
Eviction at Gallowglass Security

Gallowglass Enforcement – Evictions

August 3, 2021
Over the course of COVID-19, evictions were largely given a moratorium. However, according to the government “Courts will carefully prioritise the …

Gallowglass Security at Tower Bridge for Genpact 24 Hour Melting Point Challenge

July 24, 2021
It’s refreshing to see the long overdue and welcome return of creative and innovative event professionals; applying their expertise in producing an…

19 July 2021 – Freedom Day

July 13, 2021
The appointment of the new Health Secretary Javid on the 26th June, signalled a positive change in the mood music for the events and hospitality in…

A Summer of Discontent ?

July 7, 2021
We live in fascinating yet turbulent, and highly unpredictable times. The convulsions in society, largely brought about by Brexit and the Covid pan…

Gallowglass Support for Wimbledon Screenings

July 5, 2021
After the long bleak Covid winter, the Wimbledon Championships resumes its rightful place at the heart of the British summer’s sporting calendar wi…

Security support for LB Lambeth Covid Walk In Vaccination Clinics

June 23, 2021
The Covid pandemic has seen Gallowglass Security providing extensive security support to the Greater London Authority (GLA) , the City of Westminst…

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Gallowglass Security1 week ago
Historical rent arrears are a tricky subject. Peter Boulton and George Oliver examine what you need to know in this week’s blog asking - What is a high court writ of control?
Gallowglass Security2 weeks ago
Another Fab day of boxing for our youth! Registration can be done on the day! Spread the word! Thank you!
Gallowglass Security1 month ago
Trespassing is a nuisance, and it is illegal. Knowing the difference between a nuisance and an illegal act is critical. Find our top tips here! #trespassers #trespassing #mondaythoughts #security
Gallowglass Security1 month ago
Demand for street patrols has risen across the UK following the easing of -lockdown restrictions and our shops and restaurants reaching capacity. #security #highstreet #shopping #restaurants #thursdaythougts
GallowglassSecurity9 years ago
Groovy times at Bavarian Village, kept safe by the sensational Gallowglass Security team!
GallowglassSecurity9 years ago
Groovy times at Bavarian Village, kept safe by the sensational Gallowglass Security team!