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Common Law Evictions

A landlord or landowner has the right to recover their land or property. This is a common law right and must be used with caution. Enforcement agents are used throughout England and Wales to carry out these evictions.

The process does not require the intervention of the courts just an instruction from the landlord or landowner. Due to the simple legal status of these evictions guarantees should never be given that recovery will be successful. That said in many circumstances our agents complete the eviction and return the land or property back to the owner.

How to instruct us

Complete the form here, upload the necessary documents and make the payment of £66.00. Once these have been received our transfer up team will start the process on your behalf.

What happens next

Once we have received an instruction to proceed enforcement agents will be dispatched to the eviction site at the time agreed along with the necessary enforcement support agents and support vehicles. Where necessary the enforcement agent will liaise with the local Police Force.

Enforcement stage

The enforcement agent with the support team will attend the land or property – and if necessary, the local Police Force.

Keeping you up to date

Throughout the entire case you will be provided timely updates as it progresses. Where significant events occur, the team will be in touch with you to discuss them and provide further information

If you require any of Gallowglass Enforcement services, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0207 326 7840 or email

We will be happy to discuss your property and street security needs.

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County Court possession orders can be enforced by enforcement agents by transferring to a High Court Writ.

Writ of Possession – Residential

County Court Possession orders between Landlord and Tenant can be enforced using certificated enforcement agents with the authority of an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer

High Court Writ of Control

County court judgments (CCJs) can be enforced through certificated enforcement agents under the authority of an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery – CRAR

Commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) is a specified process for the recovery of pure rent. This is instructed in writing by the landlord without the intervention of the courts.

Forfeiture of Lease

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