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Forfeiture of Lease

Forfeiture is used to terminate a commercial lease where there has been a breach of a clause(s) within the lease.

What is a Forfeiture?

A forfeiture can be instructed by a landlord or their agent where the right to forfeit is written within the lease. Upon instruction evidence of this clause will be requested. A certificated enforcement agent will be used to carry out the forfeit.

How to instruct us

Complete the form here, upload the necessary documents.

Once these have been received our enforcement team will start the process on your behalf.

What happens next

At the agreed time and date an enforcement agent will attend the demised property with a locksmith to take peaceful possession of the property. All externals locks will be changed, and notices placed at all entry points advising the lease has been forfeit.

A TORTS (Interference of goods Act 1977) Notice will also be displayed advising the occupant to make contact with the landlord or their agent for a mutually agreeable time and date when the tenant can remove their assets from the building.

What you receive

At the conclusion of the forfeiture you will be provided a written report from the enforcement agent including photos of all posted notices and internal pictures of the assets inside the property.

As an added service you can also request a full inventory of the assets – speak to the team for more details.

All forfeitures are captured on body worn cameras giving you the peace of mind, that should it be required, video evidence is available of the procedure and the assets in the building at the time of entry.

If you require any of Gallowglass Enforcement services, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0207 326 7840 or email

We will be happy to discuss your property and street security needs.

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