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Street Patrols

Gallowglass provides a time tested and highly effective foot patrol and property patrol service.

The foot patrol service takes place in designated areas of your choosing and is a highly effective means of deterring and preventing the misery and blight caused by anti-social behaviour and low level crime, as well as being the eyes and ears of the Police on the ground.

Armed with sophisticated reporting software that reports contemporaneously, our officers able to provide invaluable live intelligence to our clients and the Police that enables highly informed and intelligence lead decisions on the remedial action required to help eliminate these problems.

The Gallowglass Property patrol service is both thorough and flexible. Property patrols are conducted at all times of the day and night, we report all findings promptly to our clients through our industry leading reporting tool, and are always prepared to deploy extra guards at short notice should the security of any property be compromised.

Our mobile property patrol service provides a visual security presence and ensures your property and surrounding area is regularly checked for security breaches such as signs of entry or environmental damage.

If you require any of Gallowglass Property’s security services, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0207 326 7840 or email

We will be happy to discuss your property and street security needs.


Gallowglass Security has created easy-to-use proprietary reporting technology for use across all our street patrols.

Our reporting helps increase accountability on every job, as well as informing the local security services of particularly difficult or vulnerable areas.

The real-time reporting tool, carried by all our personnel, allows our security experts to digitally track and log all incidents.

The simple to use tool with over 60 different types of reporting forms for all the sectors we work across is designed to work in accordance with security services, allowing you to quickly access detailed information about any security incident when you work with Gallowglass Security.

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Gallowglass Property offer property owners with caretaking services for vacant but habitable residences. Live-in caretakers or guardians are a highly effective way of securing your property.

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Concierge Service

Gallowglass Property provide SIA approved concierge staff for commercial and residential buildings. Our Concierge/ Front of House service is based on achieving a fine balance between maintaining security operations alongside unparalleled levels of customer service.