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About Gallowglass Enforcement

Gallowglass Enforcement takes a human first approach, providing integrous enforcement services to its large range of clients. Gallowglass Enforcement provides customers, including solicitors and property management companies to large landlords and individuals, with honest, expert advice, ensuring all enforcement activity is conducted in accordance with the law.

The team, led by Valdimir Stefanov, work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure the correct process is followed. Using our extensive collective experience, we take pride in our ability to find a solution to all our client’s needs through our steadfast, honest and accountable services. As a result, we achieve industry-leading recovery rates while protecting your brand and retaining your commercial relationships.

We offer a free consultation with our expert team who can answer any questions you may have and advise on the viability of collecting your debt. We will refer cases to our legal partners should our services not be required at the stage in which we discuss your issue.

Vladimir Stefanov

Head of Enforcement

Vladimir Stefanov is Gallowglass Security’s Head of Enforcement, responsible for all evictions, writs of possession, writs of control, CRAR, trespasser and forfeitures of lease.

Vlad started with Gallowglass Security in 2013, focusing on the Enforcement sector and working closely with Gallowglass Security’s Property team, led by George Oliver. He has a decade of experience managing security issues of varying sizes and extensive experience working with a number of our large property clients with estates across the UK.

As a certified enforcement agent, Vlad works with our network of enforcement agents across the country, helping clients manage their property portfolios and estates, as well as providing expert guidance on the best management of an enforcement related issues.

Vlad ensures that all Gallowglass Enforcement activity is undertaken within the law, customers are treated respectfully and fairly and customer’s clients are treated diplomatically and appropriately.

When describing the Gallowglass Enforcement team, Vlad said: “Gallowglass Enforcement is an approachable and highly skilled team, that works closely with our customers and clients. We pride ourselves on our expertise, but not only that, offering clients an approachable and transparent service that puts people first.”

Morgan Sheldon

Head of High Court Enforcement & Compliance

Morgan Sheldon recently joined Gallowglass Security as our Head of High Court Enforcement and Compliance.

Morgan arrived at Gallowglass Security following a hugely successful career in the Police Force with the Hampshire Constabulary, where his service was recognised by two District Commanders Commendations and after that, with Shergroup as a Compliance and Training Manager.

Morgan is a highly skilled and qualified High Court Enforcement Officer with in-depth experience of the law. Alongside his years of experience in the Police Force and commercial sector, he has achieved L2 Taking Control of Goods – Chartered Institute of Credit Management, L3 Consumer Debt Collection – London Institute of Banking & Finance, L3 Advanced Enforcement – Chartered Institute of Credit Management, L4 High Court Enforcement Diploma – Chartered Institute of Credit Management, L6 Advanced Debt Recovery – Central Law Training, Police – Vulnerable witness interview & SOIT trained, Police – Method of entry (enforcer) trained, Police – PIP Investigator trained and CPD – Complaints Handling.

Alongside Morgan’s many qualifications, he is also a Student High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO), Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals (F.Inst.Pa), a member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) Enforcement Tutor and the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) Technical Panel.

Morgan said: “Gallowglass Security’s Enforcement team are focused on ensuring that all your enforcement needs are carried out in accordance with the law and bring about the peaceful resolution of any issue. We provide a steadfast security team that are not only here to undertake any enforcement requirement you have, but draw on our collective experience to advise you on the best course of action in any enforcement related situation.”