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Vladimir Stefanov

Head of Enforcement

Vladimir Stefanov is Gallowglass Security’s Head of Enforcement, responsible for all evictions, writs of possession, writs of control, CRAR, trespasser and forfeitures of lease.

Following his degree in Engineering and Environmental Protection in industry from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, Romania, Vlad started with Gallowglass Security in 2013. Focusing on the Enforcement sector and working closely with Gallowglass Security’s Property team, led by George Oliver, Vlad has a decade of experience managing enforcment related security issues with a number of our large property clients with estates across the UK.

As a certified enforcement agent, Vlad works with our network of enforcement agents across the country, helping clients manage their property portfolios and estates, as well as providing expert guidance on the best management of an enforcement related issues.

Vlad ensures that all Gallowglass Enforcement activity is undertaken within the law, customers are treated respectfully and fairly and customer’s clients are treated diplomatically and appropriately.

When describing the Gallowglass Enforcement team, Vlad said: “Gallowglass Enforcement is an approachable and highly skilled team, that works closely with our customers and clients. We pride ourselves on our expertise, but not only that, offering clients an approachable and transparent service that puts people first.”