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Giles Turnbull

Founder and Managing Partner

Head of Events

Giles Turnbull started Gallowglass Security in 1998, after co-founding Gallowglass’s crewing business in 1995. Giles now leads the Gallowglass Security, managing the business’s range of services and specialists across Gallowglass Security’s three core areas of business; Gallowglass Enforcement, Gallowglass Property and Gallowglass Events.

Giles brings over thirty years of commercial security experience to Gallowglass after starting in 1989. Prior to working in Security, Giles Turnbull served seven years as an officer in the British Army with the Royal Irish Rangers. After leaving the army, he managed a property caretaking business out of Regents Park, providing live-in caretakers to vacant properties. Intermittingly he also worked as a licensed door supervisor for private parties and a pub in Notting Hill, providing a small team at the Notting Hill Carnival for several years. Alongside this, he also helped run an event crewing team – later to become Gallowglass – which assisted in the set up and take down of event staging and rigging. Upon repeated requests for security from event companies, Giles founded Gallowglass Security.

Gallowglass Security has grown from initially supporting mainly corporate events to managing the security for FTSE100 AGMs, major outdoor events and exhibitions, securing ballot boxes, polling stations and election count locations, as well as many national and international events attended by senior politicians, Royalty  and foreign dignitaries undertaking state visits to the UK.

In describing Gallowglass Events, Giles said: “Events are in Gallowglass Security’s DNA. We are immensely proud of how this part of the business has developed and the events we have and continue to work on with our partners. Our experience in event security is unrivalled. Our clients have found this experience invaluable when planning their events, bringing us in early on for their future event security planning, and the subsequent execution of their event security plans.”