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George Oliver

Partner & Head of Property

George Oliver leads the Gallowglass Property team, managing the business’s broad range of services and specialist personnel. George brings over a decade’s experience of managing property security, enabling him to quickly identify the correct solutions and specialists for your security needs. Over the last ten years George has worked closely with property owners, managers, investors and private offices providing him with a deep understanding of the security protocols and pressures you face. This has allowed him to bring innovate and cost-effective solutions to Gallowglass Property’s clients with a focus on delivery and value for both long- and short-term strategies.

George’s collaborative approach has led him to run a multi-agency security project alongside landowners, councils, outreach teams and police to support rough sleepers in central Westminster. This type of multi-agency approach is now commonplace across the capital, but when George designed the concept and approached the various stake holders, the idea was unheard of. Its success and London-wide rollout demonstrates the type of collaborative thinking George will bring to your property security problems.

George has advised and managed security teams on a wide variety of projects and operations from venues, events, evictions, response teams and installations at every stage of the property life cycle for his clients. He has worked with individuals to some of the most prestigious London estates and some of the most historic buildings, all of which have given him and his team a breadth of experience and contacts that can be brought to support all Gallowglass Property’s clients.

When describing the Gallowglass Property team, George said, “The Gallowglass Property team prides itself on its ability to resolve any property security issue for our clients and prospects. We will not only find the solution but manage the practical implementation of this plan in a professional and steadfast manner, becoming an extension of your team.”