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The Focus for Life auction at Bush Hall on 2nd October 2013

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  • 3rd October 2013
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At Gallowglass were are always delighted to be able to support worthy causes as part of our vibrant corporate social responsibility policy, either in direction donations, fundraising efforts, or free manpower for events. We have always believed that that we owe a much wider obligation to the interests and well-being of society, and so are keen champion altruistic causes whenever we can.

When the call came to provide guards at the for the Focus for Life auction, which was held on the 2nd October at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush, we had no hesitation in lending our support. All images being auctioned have been shot in or around London, and have been kindly donated ensuring all profits go directly to the charities. 

The exhibition was created to raise money the following charities:

                                                      Howards Way Walk - Gallowglass Security
The Howards’ Way Walk is now in its sixth year, set up by a group of like-minded event industry people to raise money to support the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. So far it has risen over £300,000 to fund a Phd research Studentship set up in memory of one of its victims, Howard Kerr. The program at Barts Hospital works to find ways to detect pancreatic cancer at an early stage, via proteins in the body.
                                                     West London Churches Homeless Concern - Gallowglass Security

West London Churches Homeless Concern relieves poverty among street homeless people in West London by providing accommodation, advice and support. Each winter since 1999, churches of different denominations in West London provide their venues for night shelter and are recognized as one of the largest homeless shelters in the country. By operating on a small budget with minimal staff WLCH can assure that donations go directly to help some of the most vulnerable members in our community.
                                                     The Music House for Children - Gallowglass Security

The Music House for Children gives access to music for many schools, children centres and special educational needs groups all over London. The school is widely used by the community or group and one to one musical lessons as well as funded projects for children of all ages and backgrounds. The service they provide, not only benefits children musically but also gives them valuable life skills and tools for continued educational development. 

It was a great evening, with over £22,000 being raised for these wonderful causes. Our thanks also go to Oliver and Constantin, who played their part in ensuring a memorable evening.

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