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SCOOP at Saatchi Gallery

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  • 16th February 2015
  • By Estephanie Standen

February plays hosts to the highly anticipated London Fashion Week that will propel fashionistas into the upcoming Autumn/ Winter season in 2015.

Amongst the build up to these shows include a range of industry events, of which the most notable of them is none other than SCOOP; and hosted at the acclaimed Saatchi Gallery. This three day industry trade show holds a vibrant space for suppliers, traders and visitors to feast their eyes on never-before-seen collections and designers. 


Having held SCOOP previously at the Saatchi gallery over the last few years, it made eminent sense to host it again this year in this iconic location. Not only has SCOOP showcased the works of the eclectic Vivienne Westwood; fittingly the gallery also provides a perfect backdrop with its exhibits of rare and eccentric art, photography and sculpture.

Its homage to arts and culture compliments the diversity of the designers at the event this year. All floors, even including the Lower Foyer, were jam packed with a decadent variety of labels from around the world. Its multicultural mix was warmly welcomed by its British counterparts. 

New, small and already well established labels exhibited a teaser of their up and coming collections. Buyers and visitors engaged in conversation with chic brand representative over a complimentary cup of coffee and delectable treats. Traders and retailers are spoilt to a selection of catalogues where items are shown in a selection of colours which can be placed to order. 

Corporate Private Event Security Personnel Door Staff Art Gallery Exhibition Venue

Whilst well known brands such as Religion and Goat showcase frequently at SCOOP, new brands such as London based Bruta and Spanish label Indi & Cold, have chosen SCOOP for their launch debut. Showing off an illustrated line of quirky shirts with prints inspired by the French artists Gauguin, Bruta’s fresh colours added to the cool and contemporary vibes of neighboring brands such as Wood Wood and sun wear label Sunday Somewhere. 

From Down under SCOOP received a choice of beautifully crafted, trend infused shoes and boots courtesy of Sol Ana. Closer to home SCOOP included Italian jewelry label Mercantia, which has received great critical acclaim amongst the fashion blogging world for its eccentric and detailed pieces. 

Demonstrating originality and craftsmanship, these brands are also eco-friendly. One representative of this is the Dutch accessories brand, O My Bag. Selling on trend and sophisticated bags made from Indian cow eco-leather. Tanned100% naturally they reduce their carbon footprint. British sister duo 88 & Half only source sheep skin that has been left as a bi product of the meat industry. 

So, as well as shedding light and providing exposure to emerging creative talent SCOOP credits those who support the fair trade regulations; therefore making a vital step towards improved sustainability. 

Although the diversity of the labels at SCOOP is profound, what ties them together is their luxury appeal and devotion to high quality and fairly sourced products. Thanks to the support from GSP the event was superbly well organised, and the atmosphere was infused with a creative buzz.

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SCOOP at Saatchi presents as a fascinating prelude and trailblazer for further shows, and serves to heighten anticipation for the prospect of existing and new creative talent on display in SCOOP’s next shows this August and September. Save the dates! 

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