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Save yourselves thousands of pounds on the “Community Infrastructure Levy” (CIL) with Gallowglass Security

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  • 25th July 2013
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We understand that property development is a risky business with high costs and uncertain cash flow, brought about by the banks reluctance to lend to business, and far more stringent lending conditions being applied to individuals generally.

An added strain to a fiercely competitive and volatile market has been the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy, an unpopular and pernicious planning charge that was introduced by Planning Act 2008, and that came into force in 2010.

This levy, or planning tax as it could be more accurately described, has the potential to add thousands of pounds to property development costs, and worse still, the potential to drive developers to bankruptcy.

Help is at hand with Gallowglass Security though! With our property caretaking service we have the potential to save you tens of thousands of pounds of CIL, as we did very recently with one blue chip client of ours.

Provided that certain other conditions apply, a property that has been in lawful use for at least six months in the 12 months prior to the development being permitted, may be exempt entirely for CIL liability.

We can ensure lawful use by virtue of occupation under license through the installation of our live in caretakers. The great advantage of doing this is that they do not have tenancy rights, and so can be removed with as little as 48 hours’ notice.

This will ensure that development schedules are not disturbed, and will go ahead on time, whilst at the same time protecting the property against criminals’ squatters and environmental damage.

This is an incredibly cheap and highly effective service which confers massive financial benefits and safe guards in relation to its minimal cost.

If you want to more about this superb service, then please contact our Mr George Oliver on 0845 2575648 or

Also, we would be keen to hear your views on the CIL, so feel free to comment below.

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