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Nikolay Kostov – Primus Inter Pares

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  • 15th January 2015
  • By Jack Flash

With the prestigious Gallowglass security awards on the immediate horizon, it is only fitting that we profile the inaugural winner of the highly coveted Primus Inter Pares award in 2014; the outstanding Nikolay Kostov. Indeed, it is right to say that the need for this award arose on account of the standards that Nick has set.

This grade is reserved to those who are deemed capable of leading security at any event regardless of size of complexity. Eligibility for this award is reserved to a small pool of elite security officers, and to achieve this status itself our adjudicating panel must be in unanimous agreement.

In short, Nick has proven himself to be an outstanding leader of men and women, and his style could be best described as being effective, calm and unflappable, particularly under pressure; whilst remaining quietly authoritative and possessing a demanding and impeccable sense of attention to detail.

His leadership qualities inspires all those that he leads, and brings out very best out of those around him. All this together with the capacity to inspire immediate confidence in him and the team amongst our clients. Indeed the writer struggles to recall any security guard who has received so much unsolicited praise from clients.

Gallowglass is a haven of considerable talent, where still waters run deep, and Nick is no different. The clues to his superb leadership  qualities can be found in his past.

Once he had finished college, he enjoyed a stint with the Bulgarian Air Force. He attributes his sense of self-discipline to the year that he spent with the Air Force. During his spell he enjoyed the distinction of receiving an award from a  NATO General for the pivotal role that he played in helping to safely land the General's distressed aircraft.

Following the end of his time with the Bulgarian Air Force he attended University in Smolian, where he obtained a bachelor of arts degree in education, and qualified as a primary school teacher. In addition, he enjoys qualified teacher status (QTS) in the United Kingdom also. Moreover, he is fluent in English, Bulgarian and Russian.

Upon graduation he came to the United Kingdom in 2006 where he undertook a variety of roles, before obtaining his SIA licence and joining Gallowglass Security in 2008.

Managing partner Giles Turnbull says ” upon joining us at Gallowglass, he came to my immediate attention as he quickly emerged as a highly able security guard, who possessed immense leadership potential. This leadership potential has been carefully cultivated over the years, to the extent that he can be entrusted to lead any event for us. I have been delighted with Nick's development over the years, and he has always impressed me with his outstanding service and the high standards he demands of himself and from others; as well as being a superb ambassador for, and his epitomising of, the Gallowglass brand”.

Nick is a devoted family man who likes nothing better than to spend his spare time with his wife Rumy and their charming daughter Anna Nicole, as well an occasional dram of fine Scottish Whiskey in the close company of good friends.

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