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Jaco Nieuwoudt at Foodie Festival 2014

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  • 27th May 2014
  • By Alta Blue

There is more to Gallowglass, at times than security; and no limits to the eclectic range of talents of the personnel working here! This was vividly illustrated over the weekend at the Marble Hill leg of the Foodies Festival, with the deployment of our Northern Partner, Jaco Nieuwoudt, as the Trader Supervisor.

Jaco answered Chris Hurdles call, with alacrity, to assist in this capacity. Ostensibly his duties included traffic management, assisting traders with the get in and get out, noise abatement and a whole host of other responsibilities. We rightly suspected an ulterior motive in his willingness to travel so far to take on this role!

This assignment represented for Jaco a labour of love. Jaco is the Gallowglass “Foodie” and no mean chef himself. His particular specialisms include butchery and charcuterie. In particular, he applies his talents skilfully in the preparation of salami’s, pastrami, biltong and droëwors. A recent acquisition to his culinary repertoire is the American BBQ art of hot and cold smoking, and we certainly look forward to sampling his home cured delights when he is next at Gallowglass Security HQ.

Once all his duties were properly discharged on site, Jaco certainly found time to rub shoulders and exchange ideas with many of the recent and outstanding Master Chef contestants including; 2009 winner Matt Follas as seen on cover picture, 2011 semi finalist Jackie Kearney as seen below and with 2013 Professional Master Chef finalist Adam Handling at the bottom of the page.

Jaco Nieuwoudt at Foodie Festival 2014 - Gallowglass Security


Jaco Nieuwoudt at Foodie Festival 2014 - Gallowglass Security

Jaco’s appetite for the Foodies Festival, not surprisingly, is undiminished, and he will be presenting for duty once again at the Kenwood House leg this weekend on May 30th , 31st and June 1st.

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