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  • 17th March 2015
  • By Alta Blue

Events and exhibitions do come in all shapes and sizes, a statement of the obvious? Certainly. What is true also, is that they are becoming increasingly complex; and that they are a competitive, dynamic and imaginative medium that never stands still, and are in a state of constant evolution and flux. Logically it follows that event security cannot stand still either, and rely on traditional ways of doing things.

At Gallowglass Security we are constantly looking at ways in which we can innovate, and enhance the quality of service we provide in event security, as well as in all our other service sectors. Innovation at Gallowglass does not simply emanate from top down diktat.

As our mission statement says, we encourage all who work with us to take ownership of their role, and as such, we place an immense premium in the thoughts and observations of our urbane workforce. In short, we believe that our seasoned event security professionals have much to offer in terms of innovation.

As such we recognise great value of a continuing professional development programme, which is commensurate with the needs of the business, and allied to the strengths of individuals; so as to remain in tune with industry best practice, and to use the information garnered as a springboard to original and innovative thinking so as to enhance the quality of event security provision.

It is with great pleasure, that we are able to announce that certain key members of our operations team; namely, Johann, George, Alex, Peter, Hinesh and Martynas were all enrolled and successfully passed the IOSH course in Managing Safely in the Exhibition and Events Industry that was hosted by our good friends in the event management team at the Camden Centre.

This affords all of the candidates the opportunity to undertake a formal health and safety advisory role in events and event security, and with their extensive experience in the event security sector, this should prove to be of invaluable benefit to our clients. 

What was particularly pleasing was the sheer verve and enthusiasm with which they all embraced the course, and this is reflected in the particularly high levels of pass that all candidates achieved. 

The lowest aggregate score was still an impressive 79.5% Particular praise though must be reserved for Hinesh and Peter who scored 95.5% and 96% respectively.

All candidates are looking forward to applying their knowledge in the field, and to undertake the NEBOSH course which will equip them to undertake full event health and safety management.

We done all, splendid effort!

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