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Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) British School of Fashion Launch – 11th September 2013

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  • 19th September 2013
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As event security specialists in the corporate sector, we are always called on to provide security for a diverse and eclectic range of events both in London and throughout the United Kingdom.

Given Gallowglass’s Scottish heritage, it seemed particularly fitting to us, that we were invited by our friends at Flux Events, to provide security for the launch of the GCU British School of Fashion on the 11th September at Fashion Street in Spitalfields. 

Glasgow Caledonian University British School of Fashion Launch - Gallowglass Security

The raison d’etre of the British School of Fashion is unambiguous; as Professor Christopher Moore, Assistant Vice-Principal of GCU and the first Director of the British School of Fashion explains, “the remit of the School is clear: we are about the business of fashion, and while there are other great international design schools, we are quite different. Our aim is to be a leading School for the business of fashion.”

Allied to this launch has been the support of leading fashion figures such as Ray Kelvin of Ted Baker, Ian Grabiner of Arcadia, Nick Robertson of Asos, Belinda Earl of Marks & Spencer and Patrick Grant of Norton and Sons, who will be sharing their experiences to GCU staff and students alike.

There was no shortage of volunteers on our part for this security assignment, particularly to accommodate our clients request to part with the traditional black suits in favour of a fresh elegant twist on traditional highland wear.

Seen here are George Oliver, Scottish himself, and famed for his dry wit and old school charm together with Adrian Divoiu who himself is noted for his chiseled good looks; playing their part in complimenting the tone of the evening. 

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