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Gallowglass Security supports “Rugby for Heroes”.

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  • 22nd April 2014
  • By Alta Blue

At Gallowglass Security, we have always believed that we have an obligation to society that goes beyond our immediate commercial interests. Over the years we have endeavored to support charitable causes either through direct donations or providing event security for free at charity fundraising events. We have decided, as part of our corporate social responsibility programme, to consolidate our efforts in a concerted fundraising effort for a nominated charity that resonates with us. As such we decided, unanimously, to choose “Rugby for Heroes” as our designated charity for 2014. 

“Rugby for Heroes” was established in 2011 by ex professional rugby players, and whose patron is Mike Tindall MBE, the distinguished English rugby player who was part of the England World cup winning team of 2003. Its aims, as cited from the “Rugby for Heroes” website, are too:

  • Offer a specialist support and mentorship programme to overcome the challenges associated with Post Operational Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Integrate our service personnel into the amateur rugby community network through local involvement, coaching opportunities, social and community support.
  • Provide professional players and coaches at military bases.

Our aim is to raise the maximum level of funds possible for “Rugby for Heroes”, through our four man Gallowglass Security team’s participation in London South Tough Mudder on the 25th October 2014. We aim to achieve maximum exposure in support of this cause through our website and digital media platforms, including our You Tube channel.

In addition one of our Tough Mudder team, David Jukes, himself ex-Army, will be running in the Shrewsbury Marathon on the 20th June, and the Birmingham half Marathon on the 20th October, and has generously pledged his support to our “Rugby for Heroes” fundraising efforts.

Our motivation to raise funds for this worthy cause is essentially two fold. Firstly, there are those at Gallowglass Security who have served in the military, and have seen active service, and so understand implicitly the challenges and difficulties that service personnel face on their transition from military to civilian life.

The other is that most men in the Gallowglass Security office have played Rugby, and some still do, and so recognise and appreciate the values that rugby shares with the military; notably teamwork, discipline, courage, respect, and camaraderie, In short all at Gallowglass Security simply wish to put something back into society, particularly to those who have risked and lost so much, on our behalf.

Our Managing Partner, a former British Army infantry officer with the Royal Irish Rangers and former rugby player at London Scottish says of our contribution:

“It was with great pride that I served with the British Army, and played rugby for London Scottish. I recognise that the values that underpin the military and the sport of rugby are closely interwoven, and so it seems only proper that we support this magnificent cause.

What greatly concerns me is the unacceptably high levels of ex-service personnel who have failed to make the transition into civilian life, as evidenced by the high proportion that are currently homeless. “Rugby for Heroes” helps bridge this gap, with its imaginative initiatives.

I believe that support for “Rugby for Heroes” is more important than ever before. At the height of recent conflicts, press interest in the plight of military personnel enjoyed a very high profile.

With the scaling down of the over stretched and under resourced military’s involvement abroad; my concern is that there will no longer be sufficient press interest in the plight of our service personnel. The salient fact remains that whilst our involvement abroad may have diminished, the suffering of those adversely affected by it will not, and they cannot be allowed to suffer in silence.

I would urge all who read this blog, to please contribute what they can to the superb work that “Rugby for Heroes” undertakes, as their work will be vital for years to come”.

We will shortly be creating a “Just Giving” page, which will contain all sorts of interesting and fund raising information in the weeks to come. More details on “Rugby for Heroes” can be found at their website at

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