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  • 1st April 2014
  • By Jack Flash

For many, the Roundhouse is regarded the cultural hub of Camden, a London Borough famed for its artistic creativity and talent. The enduring reputation of the Roundhouse can be found in its rich heritage and history, and its future has been placed on a permanent footing following its purchase in 1996, and the establishment of the Roundhouse Trust in 2000.

The Roundhouse is a former railway turntable engine shed, built in 1846. It’s metamorphosis from a state of disrepair, prior start of the Second World War, and rise to prominence as a performing arts centre came in 1964, when playwright Arthur Wesker was granted a lease and renamed the venue Centre 42. Wesker was driven by a desire to demystify culture and spread it beyond the elite to ensure accessibility to the widest possible audience.

Its totemic reputation for its avante guard and cutting edge approach to the arts came quickly in 1966, when it hosted the launch of the underground paper the International Times where Soft Machine and the then little known Pink Floyd appeared in support.

In the spirit of the counter culture, the venue went onto host many headline acts famed at the time for challenging society’s mores and conventions; such as the Doors, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones. This continued throughout the seventies and eighties up to its closure in 1983 with the punk rock explosion and post punk era in which the Clash, the Damned, and Elvis Costello all appeared.

This approach to music was mirrored by its use as a theatre in the corresponding period. In which it hosted pioneering plays directed by Peter Brook, who himself was influenced by the theories of experimental theatre. The venue also hosted in 1970 “Oh Calcutta” the nude revue which was considered at the time to be highly controversial, as well as the dark World War I musical, “Oh What a Lovely War”.

Following its closure in 1983, the Roundhouse remained dormant until purchased by the philanthropist Sir Norman Torquil in 1996. In 2000 the Roundhouse Trust was established with the specific aim of creating “Space to Create” for 11 and to 25 year olds. The focus is on assisting young people who are marginalised or disadvantaged by society, in order to help them on pathways back into education, or to simply enjoy a wider appreciation of cultural life.

Following a multi-million pound re development, the Roundhouse was re launched in 2006, and enjoys pre eminence as a vibrant performing arts venue once again. Since 2006 the Roundhouse has hosted all manner of artistic productions including Fuerzabruta, Bob Dylan, the I Tunes Music Festival, the Reverb Festival, and the Royal Shakespeare Company amongst many others.

The relaunch of the Roundhouse in 2006, with its stunning architectural design that fused both its original features with a remarkable and original modern uplift, has ensured that the Roundhouse enjoys a reputation as one of London’s most sought after venues for hire. This can range from corporate entertainment to product promotions, drinks receptions, conferences, award ceremonies and charity fundraising gala diners and so on.

All profits generated by events hosted at the Roundhouse are applied for the purpose of securing the Roundhouse’s charitable aims.

The epicenter of this magnificent building is its 1,300m² main space, a blank canvas that can accommodate the most imaginative and bold lighting and design constructions; as well as the circle balcony which affords a panoramic sweep of the main space, which together deliver a massive impact on the senses.

The enduring success of the Roundhouse as a venue for hire is not simply down to the quality of the venue alone and its event hire infrastructure; but to the professionalism and personability of its event production team headed by Jack Franklin.

With their immense experience of event production, they can ensure that all hirers maximise the potential afforded by the venue and its facilities, so as to ensure that success of all events hosted there. The success of the Roundhouse and its event team is evidenced by the return, year on year, of production Companies and Charities alike.

The Roundhouse - Music Performance Media - Gallowglass Security

Gallowglass Security has worked at the Roundhouse since the re launch in 2006, as a preferred security supplier for the corporate event windows. This is an accolade that we are tremendously proud of, which we believe stems from our ethos and approach, and our ability to consistently deliver a high standard of event security services.

Head of Roundhouse Events, Jack Franklin, says of our contribution,

We are thrilled to work with Gallowglass Security, we always feel like we can rely on their team and how they always provide an incredibly high level of service to the venue, the client and the guests.

If you are interested in hiring the venue, please contact Jack Franklin, or a member of his team, on 020 7424 6771

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