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Gallowglass Security Providing Event Security for Tough Mudder - 26/27th April 2014

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  • 16th April 2014
  • By Jack Flash

T.S Elliot opines in The Waste Land that “April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land”. Well, not for us! After a long and busy, but enjoyable Winter, the lengthening days and creeping sunshine are bringing a great sense of anticipation at Gallowglass Security, with the prospect of a packed, varied and downright eclectic 2014 Summer season of live outdoor events.

This all starts officially with our providing event security for the London West leg of Tough Mudder at Culden Faw near Henley on Thames on the 26th and 27th April 2014. Tough Mudder is a unique hardcore endurance event whose idea was conceived in the United States as recently as 2010.

Since inception, the event has fired the imagination of fitness and endurance junkies worldwide, as evidenced by the exponential and stellar growth in the levels of participation. To date there have been one million registrations’ worldwide, and 700,000 participants’ alone in 2013. Tough Mudder has also been responsible for raising significant funds worldwide for veterans Charities.

Commonly Tough Mudder takes place over 10 to 12 miles of varied but demanding terrain, and incorporates approximately 20 to 25 obstacles of varying degrees of severity. These events commonly feature “Electroshock Therapy” and “Artic Enema” amongst many other imaginative obstacles. Obstacles are subject to fresh innovation all the time, and we understand that there will be new delights awaiting the 2014 participants’! This all adds to the freshness of the event as it constantly re invents itself, and adds to the shock and awe lustre for its participants’.

High levels of physical fitness and strength are required to participate in this event, and team work and camaraderie are essential elements in getting through it. What many participants find is that friendships are forged in the face of adversity, when competitors help push each other through to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they face. Gallowglass Security’s very own David Jukes, a spritely 50 year old decorated British Army veteran, who successfully completed the North West Tough Mudder challenge in 2013, said of it:

Make no mistake this event is a beast! To tame this tiger, it all starts and finishes with a positive mindset. You need to train hard beforehand, and get the mental grit on display come show time. Use team work, keep smiling and you’ll get through it”.

Tough Mudder UK 2014 - Gallowglass Security

Tough Mudder UK 2014 - Gallowglass Security

This is the second time that Gallowglass Security has been invited to provide event security at a Tough Mudder Event, and one that we will be led again by our Jaco Nieuwoudt. As always, Jaco has diligently prepared security plans for all facets and phases of this heroic event. In addition he has given great thought to the composition of his security team so as to ensure that it complements the upbeat and positive tone of it.

Our Partner and security team leader Jaco says:

“It is a great pleasure to return to Tough Mudder again. I am determined that my team will discharge all its security responsibilities in its characteristically professional manner, and play its part in contributing to the success of the event. What I particularly enjoy about Tough Mudder is that both organisers and competitors are infused with a “can do” spirit which is very infectious and uplifting, and mirrors the Gallowglass Security ethos of “going the extra mile”.

Tough Mudder UK 2014 - Gallowglass Security

So, to all you Tough Mudder competitors’ in 2014, we admire your ambition and determination, and wish you every success in your event, and fundraising efforts. You are all shaming us into forming a team, so that we can raise some money for Rugby for Heroes . If you have any training tips, please let us know? Also get in touch with us and let us know how you get on? Good luck all!

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