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Gallowglass Security Partners LLP – Tough Mudder London South at Matterley Bowl 25th October 2014

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  • 28th October 2014
  • By Jack Flash

It was a dreich London autumnal morning when the guys, Dave Jukes, Piers Routledge and George Mjavanadze, assembled for their departure at 0500 hours. Whether it was on account of the task facing them, the indecent hour, or the fact that one of them was nursing a hangover; the atmosphere resembled a rugby locker room with the air blue and laden with unrepeatable expletives!

Tough Mudder - Gallowglass Security

Happily, a steelier resolve prevailed as they cruised down the M3 to meet their opposition for the day, the cruel mistress, Tough Mudder; reputed to be the most notorious and demanding leg of the European circuit, on account of its unforgiving topography. Were the twelve miles of unrelenting terrain not demanding enough, there were the usual sadistic treats in store, just to help etch on the memory of the day such as ” Artic Enenama”, “Mud Mile”, “Hang Tough” and the infamous “Electric Shock Treatment”. Despite all this waiting for them, our guys being of stern stuff, were not to be deterred, and all were highly motivated to support the cause of “Rugby For Heroes”.

This cause is special to all team members for different reasons. Dave Jukes himself, is an ex-Army infantry man with extensive experience who has seen active service in all the major theatres of conflict that Britain has been involved in the last twenty years or so. He knows at first hand the acute difficulties that service personnel face on their transition back to civilian life. Having completed Tough Mudder previously, he displayed a little more sangfroid than the others!

                                     Tough Mudder - Gallowglass Security

Piers Routledge hails from a long military line and he himself enjoyed two stints as an officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Piers is an extremely fit and ferocious open side flanker, who still turns out for the Honourable Artillery Company. Some say, that he is the finest flanker that Ritchie McCaw has never played against.


Tough Mudder - Gallowglass Security

The final member of the team, George Mjavanadze, undertook a short service commission in the Georgian Army. He went onto to distinguish himself on the rugby pitch by gaining several caps for the Georgian under 21 XV, as well as turning out for London Welsh 1st XV.

George could be described as a renaissance man , and certainly a man of contradictions. Now a committed vegan, he tells us that the roots of his physical prowess and agility were developed through bear wrestling in the mighty Caucus mountain range as a callow youth! 

                      Tough Mudder - Gallowglass Security 

All team members though, through their different life experiences, have a real empathy for the cause and put in a tremendous amount of training for it; which is no mean feat given that two were the wrong side of thirty and in Dave’s case the very wrong side of forty!

As it transpired, Gallowglass Security Partners LLP were providing event security for this marvellous event, so the team enjoyed fantastic support from security throughout the race. At no time was there any slacking, and the guys approached every obstacle with real teamwork, determination and gusto, with the result that they got round the course as a team in a shade over three hours. By any Tough Mudder Standards this was a hugely impressive performance for a first attempt, notwithstanding the difficult and wet conditions that prevailed.

                       Tough Mudder - Gallowglass Security
We would like to thank all those who sponsored our team for this magnificent cause. Quite simply this wonderful cause works with the rugby community to raise funds and awareness for military personnel who are making the transition to civilian life. They are committed to providing financial and personal support, to help individuals overcome the many challenges that this transition presents.

The need for Rugby for Heroes will be around for a long time to come, and we are delighted to have played a part in supporting it. Gallowglass Security Partners LLP would finally wish to extend warm thanks to Dave, Piers and George, for putting their bodies on the line in support of the cause.

                      Tough Mudder - Gallowglass Security
Our just giving page will still be open until Tuesday the 4th November, so if you have not donated and wish to do so, please follow the link below.
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