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Gallowglass Security – European Elections 2014

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  • 28th May 2014
  • By Jack Flash

The 2014 European elections will go down in UK electoral and political history for many reasons, and two in particular. Primarily, on account of its outcome, with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) securing that largest share of the popular vote. With the proportional representation system applying in these elections, rather than the traditional first past the post one; this secured UKIP the largest body of seats, 24, in the European Parliament, despite having no representation in the UK Parliament.

The other feature that characterised the election and its run up campaign was the sheer vituperative nature of it. The campaign itself saturated all media outlets and polarised opinion to a degree seldom seen in many a year. The use and application of social media in particular, came of age in providing ammunition to expose the foibles and alleged faux pas of standing candidates and party members. This led some of the more sober minded and seasoned political commentators to conclude, that it was perhaps the dirtiest electoral campaign in living memory.

It was against this back drop that we were privileged to have been instructed, by the London Boroughs of Camden and Ealing, to provide security for the 2014 European Elections. In such a febrile climate, our overall objective was steadfast, namely, to support the Returning Officers and their staff, in their efforts to ensure that the democratic process was conducted with the utmost integrity.

Whilst our roles and responsibilities differed in each Borough, there was a common approach to both. Notably extensive preparation; including the assimilation of our instructions, liaison with our clients beforehand, site visits, together with the preparation of full and detailed election security brief, (including security risk assessment), for distribution amongst each security team.

Each team was assiduously selected on the basis of aptitude and experience for the different phases of each regime. Each team was characterised by its crisp and coherent chain of command, under the overall leadership of two of the most experienced and able Gallowglass security officers. As with all Gallowglass Security teams, not only were they expected to achieve their objectives, but to do so in a highly proactive and courteous fashion, which they did.

We do regard it as a great credit to have been invited to undertake this important civic role once again, and it is one that we have taken great pride in. In particular we would like to extend our warmest thanks to Jane Coughlan of LB Ealing and Nicky Ezer of LB Camden not only for their inviting us to provide security, but for their consummate professionalism and the clarity of their instructions, which enabled us to discharge our responsibilities all the more seamlessly.

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