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Fàilte gu Alba!

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  • 3rd August 2015
  • By Alta Blue

We are delighted to announce that the establishment of our new Scottish office; based in the beautiful, vibrant, and historic city of Edinburgh, has now gone live and is fully operational under the inspiring leadership of David Mair.

The establishment of an operational base in the proud nation of Scotland has always fit in with our expansion plans, and has been driven by the exceptional demand in Scotland for the Gallowglass Security brand in our core service sectors, namely; event security services, static manned guarding of assets, property security (including alarm installation and mobile response) together with corporate security.

The challenge for David is simple, and that is to help expand our commercial activity throughout Scotland, whilst at the same time ensuring and indeed enhancing the values of excellence in all spheres of our activity, that are synonymous with the Gallowglass Security brand. David says of his appointment.

David Mair

“I have known Giles and Gallowglass for a number of years now, have assisted them previously on an ad hoc basis. I regard this appointment as a tremendous opportunity, and I believe that the key to our success here in Scotland lays in the creation of a strong team. Our people are our greatest asset and must at all times display the highest standards.  Trustworthy and responsible, has a high level of awareness, exudes professional confidence and not arrogance, is mentally and physically fit, and most of all, represents the company and client to the same standard of quality they represent themselves.”

David was the logical choice for the demanding role of leading our Scottish operation. He presents as a skilful security operator, with a distinguished professional work history in both the state and private security services. He spent ten years serving in the British Army with the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment in which he saw active service, and excelled as an instructor by bringing raw recruits through the transition from civilian life up to the demanding standards of service required by the Parachute Regiment.

Upon leaving the Army he embarked on a career in the private security sector, where he quickly acquired a plethora of qualifications; ( including Close Protection, Hostile Environment CP course, IOSH HSE Safety Management, Mira Medical Course and Security Manager & Consultants Degree SMCC - Control Risks - Leeds University) which with his military background, equipped him to excel in seven years of demanding and at times hazardous service in the Middle East.

David Mair running

As befitting a man with a keen sense of adventure, it will come as no surprise to discover that David’s key interests include climbing, mountaineering and ultra running in both Spain and the UK. Not content with a personal record of running 55 miles non stop, he is aiming to trump that with 100 miles non stop this year, we wish him well!

Managing Partner Giles Turnbull says.

“ This is a tremendous appointment and a big step forward for Gallowglass. Given the demand for our security services in Scotland, we have long coveted securing a foothold there. But the challenge has been in identifying a person of suitable character, ability, and experience to move things forward to the required standards of excellence, and with the qualities associated with the Gallowglass Security ethos. In David we have that, and given the tremendous start that he has had in such a short period of time, I have no doubt that this will prove to be an inspired choice.”

David Mair can be contacted on either 07753 453506 or

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