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London Urban Gentrification, a Scourge or Progress? – A Personal Perspective by Lawrence Hair

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  • 15th October 2014
  • By Lawrence Hair

For a growing number of South Londoners ‘Gentrification’ has become a filthy word; associated with overpriced coffee outlets, gastropubs and purveyors of vintage furniture. Locals feeling isolated in their own community and losing a shared sense of identity as older businesses are pushed out by soaring rent prices; drops in trade due to new clientele is just the beginning. What seems like a relentless steamroller effect of middle class culture from zone 1 to 3 is tightening its choke hold on some of the most diverse and colourful of London...

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Squatting and the Vulnerability of your Vacant Property

  • Blog
  • 3rd June 2014
  • By Jack Flash & George Oliver

Since the inception of Gallowglass in 1999, one of our most active service sectors has been to work in conjunction with certified bailiffs to assist in the lawful recovery of properties from squatters. Some have been very high profile, for example the former MI5 whistle-blower David Shayler as reported in the Daily Mail can be no doubt, anecdotally at least, that there has been a change of emphasis from squatters with empty commercial properties (for example pubs, offices and warehouses) proving to be increasingly vulne...

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