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Gallowglass Security Partners LLP – Tough Mudder London South at Matterley Bowl 25th October 2014

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  • 28th October 2014
  • By Jack Flash

It was a dreich London autumnal morning when the guys, Dave Jukes, Piers Routledge and George Mjavanadze, assembled for their departure at 0500 hours. Whether it was on account of the task facing them, the indecent hour, or the fact that one of them was nursing a hangover; the atmosphere resembled a rugby locker room with the air blue and laden with unrepeatable expletives!Happily, a steelier resolve prevailed as they cruised down the M3 to meet their opposition for the day, the cruel mistress, Tough Mudder; reputed to be the most notorious and...

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Profile of David Jukes the Gallowglass Security Endurance King – By Jack Flash

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  • 1st October 2014
  • By Jack Flash

We are delighted to profile today, Gallowglass Security Stalwart David Jukes, and to find out a little more about what motivates him to undertake his impressive range of endurance and fundraising efforts this year, and to champion his wonderful causes.Prior to joining Gallowglass Security, Dave enjoyed an outstanding, extensive and varied military career with the Staffordshire Regiment and 3 Rifles; and with them saw active service in all the major theatres of conflict that Britain has been involved in the last twenty years or so. This has in...

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